Utilizing An Ice Theme For A Classy Wedding

If you are planning your wedding, you know that there are dozens of themes that you can consider. When it comes to a historic bed and breakfast, Charleston couples can easily transform them into their dream wedding venue. The key is having an idea that is interesting and knowing how to bring it to fruition.


Go With Cool Lighting Options

When you are looking at lighting options, look for those that have a blue or grayish undertone. This will provide a cool tone that has an icy effect on the ceremony or reception hall. It will play off of colors like silver and white to further add to the icy feel of the space.

Incorporate Metallic Silver and White as the Primary Colors

When you think of ice, these are probably the two colors that you think about most. You can choose varying hues of white, including stark white or a more muted and soft white, depending on how icy you want the space to feel. With the silver, you also have options and can opt for a nearly chrome silver or one that is softer and only mildly metallic. Ideally, you want the white to be get more info the dominant color and to use the silver as an accent.

Use Crystals as Decorative Elements

You cannot go wrong when you utilize plenty of crystals as part of your ice wedding theme. Remember that these do not have to be real; they just need to be clear gemstones, so you can easily fit them into your budget. Spread them around, hang them from the ceilings and work them into your table centerpieces.

Look for Simple Flowers That Are Mostly White with Limited Green

Think of flowers like lilies as the primary flower because they are relatively simple in shape and when you choose white lilies, they are mostly white with limited other colors. You can place these in clear crystal or silver vases. Consider accentuating the flowers with thin branches that you can paint a silver color.

Glitter Works for an Ice Theme

If you love glitter, this is the theme for you. The majority of the glitter should be white, translucent or silver. However, you can also add in a little blue glitter here. This will make the glitter pop and this is ideal for adding a little extra dimension to the centerpieces at your tables.

Now you can see that using an ice theme allows you to have a very versatile wedding theme. You can use this as a foundation and run with it, making it easy to fully customize it to exactly what you need.

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